IT Integration Solutions

Best use of $3000 for myself and highly recommended. Very comprehensive and thorough explanation to cover multiple technologies. (CCIE RS, SEC, SP, DC, and CCDE). no-brainer!!!

Giwoo Lee - CCIE# 42626

A background on myself I have been in IT since 2000 and a Senior Network Engineer or above since about 2003. During that time I have taken numerous bootcamps, classes, watched videos and read books.

If you name the instructor odds are I have taken one of their classes or seen one of their videos. In fact as this moment I have numerous classes with 4 different providers. Although there is a lot of quality material out there I felt like I had to take my knowledge to the "next level" as well as begin serious preparation for my CCIE.

I did numerous google searches on Network Engineering blogs and websites on almost every site I went to a common name mentioned was Khawar Butt and his courses. Unbeknownest to me he had an excellent reputation amongst people serious about getting their CCIEs.

I got the annual package and am thrilled I did. I am about half-way through and in my opinion these bootcamps are worth at least $3000 a piece and I got them all for $3000 !!!!

Best thing is it is on the weekend so I can do it without taking time off from work. On tops of all this you get the recordings, auto, video, his notes, diagrams, some images even, a workbook for each bootcamp and Rack Time, too good to be true.

In my opinion it is the best investment I ever made in my IT Career. Everyone should take advantage of the annual package now before he decides to charge more.

Mark Rametta | Principal Engineer, MSO NOC

I would highly recommend Khawar's training to anyone serious about becoming a CCIE or just wanting to become a better Network Engineer. He does not just explain how a technology works, but also why it works the way it does. He does not simply lecture you on the technology, but also labs it up from scratch and provides detailed diagrams, notes, and class recording.

If you have any doubts or questions of his teaching style, just follow him on LinkedIn. He will post dates for new classes there and the first class is always free

Krunal Dave

Khawar is one of the greatest instructors I have come across. The depth of his knowledge and experience and his broad expertise across the various tracks makes the learning experience unmatched. I have subscribed to his annual package and the amount of things I am learning across the different tracks is just massive. Highly recommended for anyone serious about learning and being a real expert in Cisco technology.

Moe Choaib

Khawar has the unique ability to teach the same topic from multiple prospectives. He teaches through the use of both live configurations, and whiteboard techniques. His examples are those that might be found in the workplace, thus making his classes both applicable for certification success as well as job readiness. Although Khawar's classes are designed for those seeking CCIE/CCDE, any engineer looking to refine their skills would highly benefit from taking his training. Exceptional teacher/mentor!!

Frank Koziol

“Khawar Butt is by far excellent teacher, I have ever had. He makes the class informative, deep dive, breakdown complex technologies, etc. His depth of knowledge is unbelievable and his ability to teach is beyond compare.

He is a mentor and role-model for me. His superior knowledge gives him a gift of explaining things thoroughly and in a way that anyone can understand. After attending his training, I felt more confident in my own abilities. I would highly recommend him as an instructor to anyone, regardless of their skill level.

His teaching style will hold your attention and his obvious love of his work will draw you in still further. His heart is totally committed to the business of helping other and it shows in his character and compassion for his students.

He offers a great CCIE’s (Routing & Switching, Security, Data Center, Service Provider and CCDE) value package $3000 (AAP), the one can imagine. I wish, he adds few more streams to the plate ?

I learned so much with him that I cannot help but recommending him to any student or even high skilled engineers preparing for the CCIE certifications.

I simply can’t explain how much you will enjoy every second of his class learning and building your skills. Thank you for everything KHAWAR Sir. I really appreciate your efforts and your dedication towards all students.”

Adnan Mohammed

Khawar's teaching style is unique in the Market. He break's the Stone into small pieces so you the topic becomes straightforward. He never jumps from point to point until he makes sure that every one understands the concept.

Abdulfattah Assad