Over the years...

2015 - Through The Lens

Jan’15 - Piazza
Venezia, Rome
Jan’15 - Government
Office, Vatican City
Jan’15 - Special Door of
St. Peter's Basilica
Jan’15 - Inside
Vatican City
Jan’15 - At Pantheon, Rome
Jan’15 - Lovely
Evening in Rome
Jan’15 - Rome Colosseum
Jan’15 - Inside St. Peters,
Vatican City
Jan’15 - St. Peters,
Vatican City
Jan’15 - St. Peters Courtyard,
Vatican City
Jan’15 - St. Peters At Night
Jan’15 - SIstene Chapel,
Vatican City
Feb’15 - DXB Airport,
Business Lounge
Feb’15 - With The Ever-So-Cool
Mc’Muj at DXB Airport
Mar’15 - Grand Mosque,
Abu Dhabi
Apr’15 - Charles Bridge,
Apr’15 - Petrin Tower,
Prague City
Apr’15 - Prague Castle
At Night
Apr’15 - Prague Castle,
Apr’15 - Prague City

2014 - Through The Lens

Mar’14 - Eiffel
Tower, France
Mar’14 - Louvre
Pyrmaid, France
Mar’14 - Palace of
Versailles, France
Nov’14 - With the gang at Hoover Dam, Arizona, USA
Nov’14 - With Sayeed
in Las Vegas
Nov’14 - The Vegas Strip
Nov’14 - KB’s Five in front
of Bellagio, Las Vegas
Nov’14 - Gearing up for
the fall from 15K
Nov’14 - Sky Dive - One
off the bucketlist - I
Nov’14 - Sky Dive - One
off the bucketlist - II
Dec’14 - Emirates Airlines
(Home Away from Home)

2010 to 2013 - Through The Lens

Jan’11 - Home in Kashmir
Jan’11 - Hanging out in
the snow - Kashmir
Jun’11 - BHS ReUnion at Pahalgham, Kashmir
Sep’11 - Seminar
in Chandigarh
Sep’11 - Seminar in Pune
Sep’11 - Discussing
Networking in Bangalore
Jan’12 - Birmingham, UK
Feb’12 - Launching a Center
in Colombo, Sri Lanka
Feb’12 - Press Briefing - Colombo, Sri Lanka
Jun’12 - Seminar in Delhi
Jun’12 - Intraction with
students - Indore
Sep’12 - Trainer Meet in Goa
Sep’12 - With Umair
and Omer - Goa Beach
Sep’12 - With Xubi
at Goa Beach
Nov’13 - Burj Khalifa, Dubai
Nov’13 - At the Top
Burj Khalifa, Dubai
Nov’13 - Driving to
Frankfurt Airport
Nov’13 - With Friends at
Zurich, Switzerland - I
Nov’13 - With Friends at
Zurich, Switzerland - II
Nov’13 - Beautiful
Zurich, Switzerland
Nov’13 - With Friends at
Zurich, Switzerland -III
Nov’13 - Lucerne,
Dec’13 - At Jumeirah
Beach, Dubai

2005 to 2010 - Through The Lens

Nov’08 - Playing TT at
Cisco Systems, Dubai
Nov’08 - R&S Bootcamp
at Cisco Systems, Dubai
Jan’09 - Dinner with
CCIE Voice Bootcamp Students -Edgewater, London
Jan’09 - Enjoying
Snowy London
Feb’09 - R&S Bootcamp
in Puerto Rico
Aug’09 - Trip to Gangabal Lake, Kashmir
Nov’09 - The Pyramids, Egypt
Nov’09 - The Sphinx
and The Pyramids, Egypt
Dec’09 - Hanging out
at DKV, Dubai
Jan’10 - Entrance to
The Holy Kabba
Jan’10 - After
performing Ummrah
Jun’10 - Early Morning
in Gulmarg, Kashmir
Nov’10 - Cafe in
Colombo, Sri Lanka
Nov’10 - Relaxing in
Hilton Colombo, Sri Lanka
Dec’10 - Hanging out at
Umm Al Quwain
Dec’10 - Desert Safari, Dubai

Family - How Time Flies!

In my Dad’s arms
as a kid
With Sarah and a
600 pound White Tiger
With Mom, Dad and
Sarah - EID Celebration
With Sarah at
Bangkok Airport
At home in Kashmir
with Sarah
With Sarah and Rehaan
at Ski Dubai, MOE
With Sarah on her
13th Birthday

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