1. Cisco Nexus 7K,5K & 2K:

Configuring 5K & 7K Switching Capabilities
  • Introduction to the Nexus OS
  • Trunking and VLANS
  • Etherchannels
  • SVI
  • Remote Management
Configuring STP
  • Configuring Rapid STP on the Nexus Switches
  • Optimizing Rapid STP on the Nexus Switches
  • Configuring MST
Configuring Virtualization
  • Creating VDC
  • Creating VPC
Configuring Routing Protocols
  • Static Routes
  • OSPF
  • VRRP
  • Multicast Routing Protocols
  • HSRP
Configuring Advanced Technologies
  • Configuring FEX
  • Configuring FEX with VPC
  • OTV - Unicast Based
  • OTV - Multicast Based

2. Storage Networking:

Overview of the Storage Network
  • Port Types (F,FL,E,TE,N,NP)
  • Switch Types (NPV,NPIV)
Configuring the Nexus Switches for Storage
  • Configuring 5K Switches for Storage
  • Configuring FCOE
  • Configuring NPV/NPIV
  • Configuring a Storage VDC on a 7K
Configuring the MDS Switch
  • Configuring the MDS Switch to communicate to the storage devices
  • Configuring the MDS Switch for FCIP Trunking
  • Configuring the MDS Switch for FC Trunking
  • Configuring Etherchanneling on FC Ports
Configuring Virtual Fibre Channels (VFC)
  • Configuring VFC Port Trunking
  • Configuring NPV Traffic Maps
  • Configuring server ports to communicate over FCOE Links
  • Configuring server ports to communicate over FEX/FCOE Links

3. UCS

Overview of the UCS Server
  • UCS Ports
  • Communication of UCS to the Fiber Interconnect (FI)
  • Initializing the FI Switches
Configuring the Basic Configuration to boot the UCS Server
  • Configuring Port Types
  • Configuring VLANS
  • Configuring VNIC Templates
  • Configuring Port-Channels
  • Configuring Mac Address Pools
  • Configuring IP Address Pools
  • Configuring UUID-Pool
  • Configuring VSANS
  • Configuring WWXN Pools
Configuring Policies to Boot the UCS Server
  • Configuring LAN Connectivity Policy
  • Configuring SAN Connectivity Policy
  • Configuring a FCOE Boot Policy

4. Cisco Nexus 9000 Concepts and Technologies:

Cisco ACI Architecture Design Principles
  • Central Point of Management but no Centralized Control Plane
  • Controller Availability
  • Zero Touch Provisioning
  • What is an Integrated Overlay
  • Routed Design with VxLAN Overlays
  • Leaf-and-Spine Design
Access Layer
  • VLANs and VxLANs Namespaces
  • Concept of Domain
  • Policy-based Configuration of Access Ports
  • PortChannels
  • Virtual PortChannels
Tenant Considerations
  • Bridge Domain
  • Endpoint Connectivity
  • Connecting a Physical Server
  • Connecting a Virtual Server
  • EPG, Contracts and Filters
External Connectivity
  • L2-OUT
  • L3-OUT
Inter-Site / Inter-Pod
  • Multi-pod
  • Multi-Site
  • Inter-pod