Annual Package

I have an Annual package for my online classes. The Annual Package gives you access to all of my online bootcamp for at least a period of 1 year. If the current version does not change, you can continue to sit the classes beyond the one year until the version changes. You have unlimited retakes. You also get to record the classes. The workbooks for each track are included. In case you miss a class, I will provide the videos for them. The bootcamps that will be included in the package are:

- CCIE SP v4.1


- CCIE Security v5

- CCIE Data Center v2

- CCDE v3

The cost of the package is $3,000 USD. The individual CCIE Classes are $ 2,000.

It is a great way of learning a lot of relevant and cutting edge technologies and getting ready for the prestigious CCIE Exams. Some of the main technologies covered are as follows:

1. Routing Protocols [RIPv2/RIPng, EIGRP IPv4/IPv6, OSPFv2/OSPv3, BGP]
2. Switching Technologies [Rapid-PVST, MST, VLAN ACLs, SPAN, VTP etc]
3. Multicast Routing [PIM Dense Mode, PIM Sparse Mode, MSDP]
4. Quality of Service [Policing, Shaping, CB-WFQ, CB-LLQ]
5. Security Technologies [ASA 9.x, VPNs, ACS, FTD, ESA,WSA,ISE,Wireless Security,ACS]
6. MPLS Unicast Routing, MPLS VPN [Intra-AS & Inter-AS], MPLS Multicast VPN, MPLS TE, MPLS AToM
7. Nexus Switching [9K,7K,5K,2K], Storage Switching, UCS, VXLAN, ACI


The classes will be held on the weekends [Saturday/Sunday]. The classes will be held in 3 lots. The slots are :

Slot 1

[2:00PM - 6:00PM Dubai time (GMT +4)] on Saturday and Sunday

Slot 2

[6:00PM - 12:00PM Dubai time (GMT +4)] on Saturday.

Slot 3

[6:00PM - 12:00AM Dubai time (GMT +4)] on Sunday.

Rack Access

50 Hours of Rack Access is only provided for the CCIE Security Track. R/S and SP are completely virtualized. CCDE does not require a rack. We don’t have or provide DC rack access as part of the Annual Package